Don Gallacher dates his time in the music business from the day that his band was paid £5 to appear on a pub stage. That was over thirty years ago.
From that moment, Gallacher went on to do practically every job in the music business – from one side of the microphone as songwriter and artist through
to the other – as recording engineer and producer - right to where it really happens – behind the mike altogether...

From being a music publisher and record label owner Gallacher expanded into distribution, promotion and marketing,
not to mention a little artist management (Don was the power behind the emergence of rock legend P.J. HARVEY.)

Don Gallacher became well known as a legal and copyright consultant within the music business before becoming a
full time music supervisor for the movies – utilizing all of this experience on a daily basis…


2008: Music Supervisor on "Rocky Road" for Sugarfree Films. Director Michael Jaffer

2008: Music Supervisor on "One Way Passage" for Archer Films. Director Anthony Bowman, Producer Mark Forstater

2007: Music Supervisor on "The Killing Of John Lennon"

2007: Music Supervisor on "The Garden Of Eden" for Berwick Street Films starring MENA SUVARI & JACK HUSTON. Producer Tim Lewiston

2006 - 2007: Music Supervisor on: "Dead Man's Cards"

2006 - 2007: `Music Supervisor on "Popcorn"

2005 - 2006: Music Supervisor on "Full Circle"

2004 - 2005: Music Supervisor on "The Long Weekend"

2004 - 2005: UK Music Supervisor on "The Wedding Date" for Gold Circle

2003 - 2004: Music Supervisor on "Charlie"

2002 - 2003: Music Supervisor on "The Bridge Of San Luis Rey"

1997 - 2000: Music Supervisor on "Best"

1997: Music Supervisor on "Accelerator"

1996: Music Supervisor on "The Last Bus Home"

1995: Music Supervisor on "This Is The Sea"

1992 -1994: Took over management of rock artist PJ HARVEY. Set up world tours. Set up PJ Harvey's publishing company and negotiated "Biggest
publishing deal for a new artist in a decade" with EMI Music after six months negotiation with major companies. Managed PJ through first
two successful albums. Dealt with multinational music companies at senior level.

1991: Music Clearance on "Blue Ice"

1990: Master Clearance on "Buddy's Song"

1989: Music Supervisor "Loser Takes All". (In the States; "Strike It Rich").

1988: Music Copyright Clearance on "The Fruit Machine"




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